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  • Holistic therapeutic massage of the spin

    Specialized massage performed on patients with strained backs, herniated discs, discopathies and spinal degeneration, spinal curvature, sciatica and brachialgia as well as spinal headaches. Detailed information and prices >>

  • Classic holistic massage

    This massage is performed on the surface muscles of the body, calming both the nervous and cardiovascular system. Patient’s mental and physical improvement is the purpose of this massage. It aims to reduce the pain resulting from muscle tension. It is the perfect choice for people who are looking to relax after a tense and stressful day. Detailed information and prices >>

  • Partial therapeutic massage

    Specialized massage performed on patients with joint diseases, muscle and joint injuries, petraticular inflammation and muscle contractures. The massage’s purpose is to reduce or completely eliminate pain and improve peripheral joint, shoulder and hip girdle as well as limb mobility. Detailed information and prices >>

  • Personal training with a therapist

    Therapy tailored to suit patient’s individual needs and physical condition. It consists of general development exercises with elements of sensory integration (joint mobility improvement). Detailed information and prices >>

  • Kinesiotaping (dynamic taping)

    This innovative form of physiotherapy is based on excellent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, as well as biomechanics and kinesiology (study of motion). Detailed information and prices >>

  • Anti-cellulite Chinese cupping massage (lower limbs and buttocks)

    This massage of selected body parts breaks up the fatty tissue and increases tissue blood supply facilitating better skin penetration of slimming products used after the procedure. Firm and smooth skin is every woman’s dream and Chinese cupping is a sensational skin care treatment! It is one of the top most effective and well-proven cellulite reducing treatments. Detailed information and prices >>

  • Pinotherapy

    Pinotherapy, also called pinopressure is an effective method that combines tooling techniques with therapeutic massage and/or manual therapy. Its main purpose is to determine the types of pathology in tissues and fascias. It consists performing treatments on the surface of the skin with special tools called pins and raw crafts, which stimulates selected centers in the brain. Detailed information and prices >>

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is one of the forms of physiotherapy complementing the whole process of improving the body and releasing the pain. It is used in orthopaedics, neurology and rheumatology, in chronic pain conditions, after surgeries, injuries (such as fractures, dislocations, sprains) as well as in osteoarthritis. Detailed information and prices >>

  • Orthopodological examintation + tailored inserts

    COMPLEX ORTHOPODOLOGICAL DIAGNOSTICS is a feet examination with tailored footbeds. As a process of our treatment proceeding, we closely co-operate with orthopodologist, we use three types of examinations computer, instrument (podoscope, plantograf) and manual. Detailed information and prices >>

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