masaż sportowy - grudniewscy.plSERVICE DESCRIPTION:The aim of the sports massage is to increase patient’s results and to decrease the risk of the injury. It can be applied both before and after the competition, as well as between trainings. Depending on the needs we can prepare muscles for the manual effort, unstretch them and support regeneration between trainings burdens as well as we can support the process of micro-injuries treatment. We have experience in work with people training different sports disciplines such as: martial arts, rugby, football, running or bodybuilding. We would like to cordially invite ALL sports fans, both professionals & amateurs.

BENEFITS:the massage improves muscles condition, reduces the results of overtraining or it helps to prepare for hard week training. It is also great solution for decreasing and reducing swelling or after training muscles sore.

DURATION: 60 min/1 treatment

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