„A HEALTHY SPINE is not a flat structure – it has a spatial dimension. Maintaining a healthy spine consists of many elements: from therapeutic massages, through personal training with a therapist, proper nutrition, sport and relaxation, as well as getting a good night’s sleep.”.
Andrzej Grudniewski

image001The spine is one of the human skeleton’s most important parts. A HEALTHY SPINE is A HEALTHY HUMAN, hence it’s name in yoga and Far Eastern medicine – “The Tree of Life”. It consists of 33-34 vertebrae, divided into 5 sections: cervical (7 vertebrae), thoracic (12 vertebrae), lumbar (5 vertebrae), sacral (5 vertebrae) and coccygeal (4-5 vertebrae). The spine belongs to that secret realm of the body that normally goes unnoticed, however a sore spine and the dramatic complications that accompany it pose problems that can overwhelm a person.
Spine problems affect our entire bodies as well as the proper functioning of internal organs. The consequences of disc displacement are the cause for many diseases and suffering. The strong pain caused by sciatica or herniated disc is unbearable. Overnight one loses vitality and cannot deal with the pain. The risk of spinal injury – surgery and getting around in a wheelchair frightens us all. That is when subconsciously we sense the spine’s important role, although few people are familiar with its complicated structure or construction. That is why it’s worth to entrust QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS with caring for our spine (regardless whether it’s a doctor, chiropractor or a massage therapist). Trust that is built on many years of experience and supported by evidence in the number of cured patients (the more cases, the greater the certainty that we will get EFFECTIVE HELP) is of crucial importance.

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