SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Dry needling is a physiotherapeutic method based on the proper placement of special acupuncture needles at specific trigger points. The procedure is performed within the myofascial bands, which are characterized by high sensitivity. Puncture and skillful manipulation of needles directly affect the neuromuscular plate, stimulating the body’s muscle cells to regenerate. Manual trigger point therapy in combination with dry needle is a very effective concept for treating severe pain. Such an integrated plan is successfully used in the treatment of patients with chronic and acute pain. Before performing the procedure, it is necessary for the patient to complete and sign the contraindication card for dry needle therapy.

BENEFITS: heals dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system and relaxes and congests the tense anatomical structures on which the procedure is performed (muscle, ligament, fascia etc.)

DURATION: 60 min / 1 treatment


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