LecznSERVICE DESCRIPTION: Specialized massage performed on patients with strained backs, herniated discs, discopathies and spinal degeneration, spinal curvature, sciatica and brachialgia as well as spinal headaches. The treatment starts with a thorough patient diagnosis based on previous history, spine mobility exam and a series of functional tests. Techniques and massage intensity are individually selected depending on the diagnosis. In order to properly warm up and relax the paraspinal muscles and joints the massage is performed on the entire spine. This procedure’s key element is the use of originally developed manual therapy and chiropractic techniques to eliminate the causes of pain and improve the spinal mobility. Restoring spinal health and living without pain is a process that happens over time. The therapy process consists on average of 4 to 9 massages and the minimal time between consecutive treatments is 6-7 days. Usually the positive effects occur after the first treatment and the subsequent therapy sessions reinforce the positive changes.


BENEFITS: Effectively reduces and removes spinal, joint and muscle pains, improves spine mobility, helps you to function normally again.


60 min/1 treatment PRICE: 180 PLN

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