COMPLEX ORTHOPODOLOGICAL DIAGNOSTICS is a feet examination with tailored footbeds. As a process of our treatment proceeding, we closely co-operate with orthopodologist, we use three types of examinations computer, instrument (podoscope, plantograf) and manual. During the examinations we diagnose orthopedic feet defects and we analyse the walk of the patient. Such an accurate analysis of feet let us make accurate diagnosis and it is invaluable help in the process of selection and correction of orthopaedic footbeds, among others in disorders such as: flat feet, hallux, plantar fasciitis, post-traumatic disorders, diabetic and arthritis foot, poster defects, scoliosis, asymmetry in bodybuilding and limbs lengths, pains of the spine, the foot of a pregnant and after labour woman. The projects of tailored footbeds are dedicated to adults, children and teenagers, people with congenital or acquired feet dysfunctions, diabetics, active people (sportsmen).


What kind of services do we offer?

ORTHOPODOLOGICAL CONSULTATION:  physiotherapeutic consultation, including static and dynamic computerized examination, podoscopy, plantography and manual examination, functional assessment including posture defects and body biomechanics, preparation of results and further recommendations.

DURATION: 60 min



TAILORED ORTHOPEDIC FOOTBED: accurate analysis of foot work allows for accurate diagnosis and is an invaluable aid in the selection and correction of orthopedic footbeds.

PREPARATION TIME: 2-3 weeks, incuding

  • footbeds for children, COST 180–400 PLN
  • footbeds for adults, COST 200-400 PLN
  • specialist footbeds (diabetic, rheumatoid and sports foot), COST 400-550 PLN
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