SERVICE DESCRIPTION: The trening is for children over 7 years old with the following postural defects: idiopathic and functional scoliosis, Scheuermann disease (also call sterile spinal necrosis or juvenile kyphosis), chest defects, feet defects (flatfoot, clubfoot, talipes valgus), flat back, round-concave back, pelvis asymmetry, asymmetry of shoulder blades, torso, valgus knee, genu varum etc. Therapy is individually tailored to the need of a small patient and its aim is to correct defects, improve mobility and develop proper habits. Preventive and therapeutic classes may include PNF, elements of manual therapy, neuromobilizations, soft tissue therapy and the therapy of trigger points.

BENEFITS:consolidation of the correct spine posture, normalization of muscles tension and strengthening of muscle mass, correction of postural defects, increase mobility and range of motion.

DURATION: 45 min / 1 procedure


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