Temporomandibular joints as the name suggests, is a hinge connection between the temporal bone and the mandible, located in the face. Their most important functions are chawing food and speech. Like every bone in the human body it has soft tissue in the form of ligaments and muscles. It often happens that certain joints are subject to different types of dysfunctions.

The most important causes of dysfunctions are as follows:

  • overbite
  • excessive stress that accumulates in the entire motor organ but mainly in the temporomandibular joints and the neck, which intern leads to clenching teeth (there is an excessive tension in the soft tissues of the temporalmandibular joints) and bruxism (grinding of teeth)
  • mechanical injuries
  • surgical procedures within the jaw (e.g. eigtht resection)

The most common symptom of temporalmandibular joints dysfunction is pain, as well as jumping and crackling in the joints while chewing or speaking. Pain symptoms include teeth (without a dental cause), jaw, head and neck in various locations. Other symptoms may also include tinnitus, dizziness, mandibular deviation, trismus, limited mandibular mobility and bruxism.

The indications for the therapy of temporomandibular joints are all the above-mentioned symptoms as well as conditions after surgery in the jaw area. After resection of the eight everyone should benefit from the therapy even at the earliest stage after the procedure (in order to improve the blood supply and stimulate the nearest lymph nodes, which leads to much faster healing of the wound and reduction off swelling).

Contraindications to the therapy of temporomadibular joins are as follows:

  • severe local and general inflammation with increased body temperature
  • active neoplastic conditions
  • breaking the skin in the treated area
  • cold
  • depression

Duration and price:

30 min/1 treatment PRICE: 120 PLN
60 min
/1 treatment PRICE: 180 PLN

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