SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Pinotherapy, also called pinopressure is an effective method that combines tooling techniques with therapeutic massage and/or manual therapy. Its main purpose is to determine the types of pathology in tissues and fascias. It consists performing treatments on the surface of the skin with special tools called pins and raw crafts, which stimulates selected centers in the brain. It is used in orthopedic and neurology (e.g. muscles spasticity, headaches, migraines, backache, myofascial, post-operation pain, overload pain and limited range of motion in the joints). This method is a derivative of acupuncture and acupressure techniques. Its operation is based on the knowledge of tissues electricity and body’s ability to self-heal. Pinotherapy as a holistic method (treats organism as functional and structural unity), it is non-invasive and during the therapy there is no risk of disruption of the tissue.

BENEFITS: Eliminates stress tensions of the central and peripheral nervous system, it regulates the potentials of own nerves, it induces lost nerve conduction, it regulates the functioning of many systems, it detoxifies and deacidifies the organism, it provides psychological and nervous recovery, it eliminates joint and visceral movement pains or discopathy as well as pains after sports injures.

DURATION: 60 min / 1 treatement


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