Scar mobilization SERVICE DESCRIPTION: The scar is a newly formed tissue in the place where the skin and subcutaneous tissues break. Its role is to connect the edges of the wound which is the result of a surgery or trauma. In the process of scar formation or tissue healing, adhesions occur at all levels of damaged tissues, which means that the problem can lie very deeply in our body. Another problem is collagen (the main building block of new tissue) which generally ensures the strength of new tissue – it is arranged irregularly, entering between other structures (muscle, tendon or fascial).

Possible complications provoked by scars:

  • mobility limitation due to tissue displacement towards another ones (adhesions between tissues at different levels)
  • body posture disorder (e.g. abdominal scar can lead to curvature of the spine)
  • proprioception disorders – scars can falsify the image received by sensory receptors
  • acute and ripping pain – resulting from muscle and fascial tissues being ‚pulled’ by collagen fibers
  • transferring excessive mechanical strains to other areas (e.g. scar after cesarean section can cause pain in the entire spine, in particular cervical and lumbar).

Scar therapy should be started as early as possible, i.e. from the first days after the injury or surgery. It is important to follow a few rules, especially for fresh scars, so as not to disrupt regenerative processes and increase healing time. Therefore, at the initial stage, the therapy involves the tissues adjacent to the scar, while working with the scar itself is possible after the wound has healed (3-4 weeks). However, it is also worth working with scars at a later time, even with old scars (several years old).

The main technique of working with scars is their mobilization, which involves working on the displacement of tissues (even the deep ones) as well as removing limitations within the scar. The method of combining scar mobilization with various therapeutic massage techniques and Kinesiology Taping is very effective.

BENEFITS: reduction of pulling sensation and pain, improved flexibility and displacement towards other tissues, better supply of blood and nutrients (proper nutrition of tissues accelerates healing processes and improves the look of scars), lack of adhesions between superficial and deep tissues.

scar mobilization – 30 min
scar mobilization using other massage techniques and Kinesiology Taping – 60min

30 min – PLN 120
60 min. – PLN 180

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